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Pict Clanns of Albann


Clann LABHRAN (of Perthshire)

Clann Labhran, claims their descent from Lawrence of Strathearn, a 13th century Abbot of Achtow, in Balquhidder,  in Perthshire.  They also chose the familiar blue-green based tartan that many other Pict descended clans chose.  It is well known that blue and green were the favourite colours of the Picts in their body painting rituals.  Some traditions linger on regardless.

During the 15th century, one of the Stewart Lords of Lorne married a daughter of MacLaren of Ardveche, and their son, Douglas, was the progenitor of the Stewarts of Appin.  They were overrun twice by the landless MacGregors, in 1542 and in 1558, and were described as a broken clan.  The MacGregors showed as much concern for those they encountered as the Campbells had shown them.  By the time of the thirty years war, they were enlisting in the Swedish army in which MacKay's regiment fought. 

 MacLarens were emigrating to fight as mercenaries in France and Italy by the end of the 15th century.  The insecurity caused by the policy of successive Stewart sovereigns, and the actions of their Campbell and Gordon lieutenants were especially severe in the area in which the MacLarens lived.  The clan was at Culloden, where Donald MacLaren was taken prisoner by the English.  He made a dramatic escape, and was eulogized by Sir Walter E, Scott in 'Red Gauntlet'.

Lord Dreghorn, son of Professor Colin MacLaurin, established his claim in 1781 to the chieftship of clan MacLaren.  The rallying cry of the clan is 'Creag an Tuirc' (Boar's rock).  This rock still stands near Achtow and Achleskine in Balquhidder.